Sponsor-a-Family Program
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How We Work with Religious Groups and Service Clubs
Roonga partners with religious groups and service clubs to simplify how you acquire in-kind goods — either for your own community members or on behalf of a nonprofit you’re working with. Our goal is to help you maximize your impact - with the resources that you have - so you can spend the rest of your time doing more with less. Here are just some of the ways we can help.
Make the most of your money
Have you collected cash from your congregation or club members? Or are you trying to maximize the value of the dollar in an upcoming collection drive? Roonga has cultivated a network of reliable vendors whose affordable, quality products can be purchased in bulk or leveraged our online collection drives. Finding quality vendors is time consuming, and working with a new vendor can be fraught with risk. Why take on that risk? Roonga vendors are pre-screened, and we have worked with our premier vendors for years. Their track records speak for themselves.
Streamline your collection logistics
Are you planning to run a large collection drive – but not looking forward to collecting, reviewing, counting (and recounting) the supplies? Want to make sure that what you collect match what the recipients really need? Roonga’s online collection drives streamline your collection logistics, expand your reach beyond the regular attendees, and provide your members with a way of contributing where they can see how far their money is going.
Simplify your “Adopt-a-Family” Program
Are you partnering with a nonprofit to run an “Adopt-a-Family” program, or looking to help specific families or individuals in your community? The process of collecting needs and administering the program can be daunting for organizations that are volunteer-run or short staffed. By running your program using Roonga’s adoption drives, you manage all the information centrally, allow your members to self-select who they’d like to help, and then track the results in real-time through our reports. Save yourself a LOT of stress and time by leveraging the latest innovative technologies to streamline the manual parts of your program!
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