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How We Work with Nonprofits
Roonga partners with nonprofits to minimize the effort spent acquiring in-kind goods — so you can spend your time working with your clients instead of researching products, counting supplies from your collection barrels, and tracking quantities on spreadsheets. Here are just some of the ways we work with nonprofits today.
Make the most of your money
Looking to maximize the value of the cash donated by your supporters? Or trying to maximize your donors’ dollar in an upcoming collection drive? Roonga has developed a network of reliable vendors whose affordable, quality products can be purchased in bulk or leveraged in our online collection drives. Finding quality vendors is time consuming, and working with a new vendor can be fraught with risk. Why take on that risk? Roonga vendors are pre-screened and we have worked with our premier vendors for years. Their track records speak for themselves.
Streamline your collection logistics
Are you planning to run a large collection drive – but not looking forward to collecting, reviewing, counting (and recounting) the supplies? Roonga’s online collection drives streamline your collection logistics, expand your reach, and provide your donors with a simple way of purchasing where they can see where their money is going. Your corporate partners, local churches, and service clubs can also easily create their own drives based on your needs – with all the supplies tracked, delivered, and pre-sorted altogether!
Simplify your “Adopt-a-Family” Programs
If you’re just on the heels of kicking off your next “Adopt-a-Family” program, you’re probably dreading the process of collecting the client information, collecting your donor preferences, tracking the matches, and then tracking the receipts. With Roonga’s online adoption drives, there’s better way! By running your program online, you (or your social workers) can enter all the client needs online, allow donors to self-select their adoptions, and then track the results in real-time through our reports. Save yourself a LOT of stress and time by leveraging the latest innovative technologies to streamline the manual parts of your program!
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HOPEmatch is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization.
All monetary or gift donations are tax deductible. Donations may be made directly to HOPEmatch at:
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