Sponsor-a-Family Program
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What Are “Adopt-a-Family” Programs?
Are you looking forward to (but also dreading) your “Adopt-a-Family” program this holiday season? Love the outcome but not looking forward to the spreadsheets or mounds of paperwork? Do you run a toy collection drive instead of “Adopt-a-Child” because of the logistical concerns? Roonga’s online adoption drives streamline the traditional “Adopt-a-Family” (or “Adopt-a-Person”) programs by reducing the amount of time you spend reviewing requests, tracking adoptions, and monitoring receipts. Contact us to learn about our free starter package!
Streamline your request collection process
Social workers enter and update requests directly online – eliminating the need to send forms back and forth. The status of requests are tracked in real-time so all parties know what’s going on throughout the program..
Improve the quality of your requests
Rules built into Roonga’s online adoption drive ensure greater consistency and quality in the descriptions entered by your social workers. Your client profiles and requests can only be published once approved. Our approval workflow also allows you provide timely feedback to your social workers and case managers.
Track results in real time
Track the adoption status of your clients in real-time. Through our online reports, you know exactly who has been adopted and who has not. Come dropoff time, you also know which gifts have been received and which have not.
Draw in your donors to your cause
Engage your supporters in a more meaningful way by allowing them to select their own families or children. Searching and reading the stories allows them to establish a deeper connection with your clients – and in the process, your donors may even select more adoptees than intended!
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Try out our adoption drive - contact us to learn about our free starter package!
How it Works?
Set up a drive in as little as 10-15 minutes! We provide the tools to set up and monitor your drive. Once you get the word out, our system stores items requests, and tracks adoptions and drop-offs.
Set up your drive on Roonga
Name your drive, pick your launch and close dates, and decide whether you’d like social workers to enter item requests directly. Launch your drive!
Enter profiles and requests
For each family or individual, you - or your social workers - enter the specific wishes/needs, including information like size and color preferences.
Promote your drive
Once the requests are in the system, point your supporters to your drive. Share your drive link and encourage them to “adopt” your clients in a timely manner. Track your adoptions in real-time through our online reports.
Receive your items
Once the drive closes, your donors drop off their items at your specified location for distribution. Roonga tracks the receipts so you know which donors may need a nudge.
Ready to get started?
Try out our adoption drive - contact us to learn about our free starter package!
See what people say
Heather Furuta, Volunteer Program Manager,
Bill Wilson Center
Community Action Partnership of Orange County (CAP OC):
Our staff liked submitting their wishlists directly into Roonga. It eliminated the redundant paperwork and unecessary back and forth, and revisions were all tracked in Roonga. Overall, it was a lot less work than our previous paper-based system. Thanks, Roonga!
Natalie Anderson
Special Projects Coordinator,
Community Action Partnership of Orange County (CAP OC)
Adopt-A-Family Delaware :
We had a great experience with Roonga! Their program helped us reduce our manual work in-house and our sponsors were appreciative of being able to adopt families online. We hope to do even more online next year!
Lisa Johnson
Program Admininstrator,
Adopt-A-Family Delaware
Frequently Asked Questions
Why Run an Adopt-a-Family Program?
An adopt-a-family program is a great way to assist the lives of an entire family or individual by allowing you to share their stories and specific list of needs. These programs are popular with donors because they provide a stronger connection to a client and build stronger loyalty to your mission.

Historically, running these programs has required a tremendous amount of resources. Taking the program online makes it easier than ever to run an adopt-a-family program - the online tools simplify the collection of stores and needs, and donors select for themselves which families to support!
What Is Adopt-a-Family?
Adopt-a-family (or individual) is a program designed to help local families or individuals in your community. A specific list of needs is collected for each family (often including color preferences and sizes for clothing). These lists are provided to donors who shop on their behalf and donate those items. An adopt-a-family program is a great way to ensure that the items donated match the exact needs of the family or individual.

It's often used as a way to make the holiday season brighter for people who can't afford to buy holiday gifts, let alone basic necessities. However, adopt-a-family isn't always limited to the holidays. It can be used year-round to assist refugee families, families transitioning into housing, foster youth aging out, students, and more.
How Does Adopt-a-Family Work?
These programs require a lot of planning and logistics.

You'll need to:

  • Collect information about families’ needs
  • Match the donors to families
  • Track the donations as they are being received
  • Distribute the donations
Family/individual needs are often collected by a social worker or other representative. They need to follow specific guidelines provided by the nonprofit program staff and be completed in a timely manner. Some programs focus on gift-giving, while others may ask you to donate food, gift cards, or other items. Christmas donation programs may ask you to buy a gift for each child in the family. It all depends on your organization’s specific mission. The wishlists need to be detailed and include specific items, as well as information like gender, age, and clothing sizes. Given the heavy work load of social workers and case managers, this step alone can be quite a challenge!

Matching families can take a lot of time. Donors may have specific preferences - for example, finding a family with children the same age as their own! As a result, the matching process can be quite time consuming and labor-intensive.

Once donors have their family matches, they purchase the items according to the wish list at their retailer of choice, whether online or offline. Donors enjoy shopping for specific items and often pick items with personal significance! After that, they drop off the gifts at the designated location, where they are distributed to social workers or picked up directly by the clients.

The adopt-a-family program is a great way to provide personalized gifts for families and individuals in need.
How Can You Streamline These Programs?
There's no better feeling than giving to specific families or individuals in need. Many communities love using the adopt-a-family program to provide comfort and joy to the people who need it most.

With Roonga, you can save time while still delivering great results for every family or individual in your program. We provide a digital platform for setting up wishlists and matching families with donors. Instead of relying on physical paperwork or forms, you can save time by shifting to digital options.

Online Wishlist Collection

The process for collecting wishlists can be very time-consuming, with a lot of back-and-forth and errors. By enabling social workers or case managers to directly submit their wishlists into an online system, nonprofits can eliminate the need for forms that cannot be updated easily. In addition, an approval workflow ensures that only wishlists that are ready can be viewed by donors. Email notifications of changes and updates also keep all parties up to date about the status of adoptions. These features ensure that the collection of wishlist information is efficient!

Self-Selection of Families

Donors can select families or individuals for themselves, choosing a family that speaks to them and purchasing their requested items. That way, each donor can find a donation option that fits their budget and requirements. This process removes the need for nonprofits to manually match a donor with a family. Not only does this save a lot of time, but donors report having a better experience and greater sense of the need in the local community.
What Are the Benefits of Setting Up Your Adopt-a-Family Program Roonga?
Using our platform to set up adopt-a-family programs can make your project much easier to manage and ensure its success.

We provide a platform that will:

  • Reduce Staff Time - The traditional adopt-a-family program requires tremendous resources from nonprofit staff. It’s not uncommon to hear nonprofit staff extremely overworked and stressed out preparing for the holidays. By streamlining the adopt-a-family program online, your staff can reduce the manual effort and focus on more important tasks.

  • Improve Donor Relations - By allowing donors to view and select the families they want to support, donors have a greater understanding of the need in the community and build stronger connections to your cause. Nonprofits indicate that their donors often support more people than they intended and spend more than expected.

  • Raise Awareness - By taking your program online, you will raise the visibility of your program inside and outside your community. Many donors are specifically interested in “adopt-a-family” programs, and they search for these online. As a result, many nonprofits have reported receiving new donors who found their adopt-a-family programs on Roonga and decided to purchase items for a family.
Getting Started with Roonga

We make it easy to set up and run an adopt-a-family program. Get in touch today to learn more about how our service can meet your needs!